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There are many accountants, management consultants, and IT-service providers.
However, there are only few who can offer this whole range of services from a single source. In your interest, we consider all possible interactions among these different fields of expertise in all of our projects. Our name is our mission. SMARACIS GmbH offers SMARt Accounting, Consulting & It-Solutions tailored to your challenges.

You have decided to set up your own company.
Now, your primary aim is to attract customers and provide your services. We enable you to focus on the essentials by taking over the vast majority of support processes not directly related to your core business. We help you develop a business plan. From a professional web presence to accounting and project management, we solve the problems that keep you from realizing your business concept. We do our best to help you focus on your key tasks.

Your company already exists for some years.
Your company already exists for some years. During the formation of your company, you had to find quick solutions for numerous problems. Now, it is time to revise and update your web presence, to adapt certain work processes, and to realize the optimization potential in order to take the next step in the development of your business. Additional sales tools, such as video sales letters or podcasts, can help to accomplish these tasks.

Let us help you so that you can keep your focus on the essential.


– to keep your focus on the essentials.

– to keep your focus on the essentials.