Q: You offer such a variety of different services, but you are only two people. Do you have all the neccessary knowledge and experience? How will you manage the work?

A: We only offer those services, for which we have the necessary qualifications and provide over experience through own projects. Of course, we will consult other experts if necessary. We have an extensive network of co-operation partners and freelancer, which are ready to support us anytime. This also ensures that all proper ressources are always at our disposal.

Q: How does the co-operation with your parterns work? What does this mean for me as your costumer?

A: Even if we decide to consult one of our co-operation partners, we will remain your contact persons. All individual work steps will be coordinated internally. Thus, you will usually not even notice that one of our co-operation partners is involved in the work.

Q: Feelancer are usually independent and, thus, not integrated in your organisation. How can you ensure required quality?

A: All of our freelancers have to pass standardized tests before working with us. Additionally, framework agreements regulate the collaboration with them and, thus ensure, the required quality. What is more, we know most of our freelancers for quite a long time and know that we can rely on them.

Q: The offered packages for websites do not meet my requirements. Can I rearrange them?

A: Of course, we can compile a website package tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact us, e.g. via our contact form, so that we can discuss everything with you.

Q: The founding package is very interesting, but I am in need of a different kind of support. Why do I have to forfeit the 20 per cent discount in this case?

A: This particular founding package is in fact a compilation designed by a multitude of cooperation partners in which all individual service components are synchronized. The necessity of modifying this package does not necessarily mean you will have to forfeit the 20 per cent discount. You will only have to go without if you don’t book all services or, for that matter, if you book all services individually.

Q: Will my own personal situation be addressed in the course of founding package support or does the type of support always remain the same?

A: Needless to emphasize, the content of the founding package will be tailored to your own personal needs. The aim is to provide you with the best possible support in meeting the challenges you face; these challenges tend to vary strongly, depending on the customer.

Q: You collaborate with an auditor as well as with a tax consultant. Why shouldn't I just make immediate use of these experts' bookkeeping and personnel accounting services?

A: We are convinced that it is more cost-efficient to demand solely whatever is really needed. According to the guidelines of the balance sheet accounting law, we are capable of covering most requirements ourselves. Should additional services be required, we can certainly purchase these in addition. This approach will be more cost-effective for all parties involved.

Q: How and where will my documents be archived in case I commission you with my accounting?

A: This is very much dependent on you. We can return the documents to you after having registered them for archiving, but we can also archive your documents by electronic means. We will gladly assist you in selecting the course of action that suits your individual needs best.

Q: I am in need of additional services in order to be able to provide the contents for the websites myself. For instance, translation services may be involved. Can I commission you with these types of services?

A: In principle, due to our large network, our range of services is a lot more extensive than what we have featured on our website. Thus, we are certainly able to provide you with translation services. Simply inquire by means of the contact form and we will identify the ideal solution to your problem.

Q: The voices featured on your website do not meet my requirements. Can you offer me any other speakers?

A: We can certainly choose from an entire pool of different speakers and provide you with ample infounding upon your inquiry. Upon request, we can also inquire for other external speakers. Please note that we will need to charge you for the additional costs relating thereto (speaker, administration).

Q: How can I picture a typical project schedule?

A: To begin with, an infoundingal interview is conducted in order to determine the exact scope of services. Subsequently, you will receive our offer, upon which we will agree upon a specific project plan. This plan will precisely define what you will need to provide us with by what point in time and by what means in order to ensure steady project-related progress. As soon as the offer has been accepted, we will begin to implement the steps according to the aforementioned project plan. During the project, you will receive regular project-related progress reports by which we guarantee that the project is being implemented as scheduled.

Q: How can I picture a typical project schedule when having purchased a website package?

A: To begin with, as a joint process, we will develop your objectives. On this basis, we will define what you will need to provide us with by what point in time and by what means in order to ensure steady project-related progress. During the project, you will receive regular project-related progress reports by which we guarantee that the project is being implemented as scheduled.

Q: I am in need of support in the process of founding and setting up the company, however, I do not intend to purchase a founding package. What other options do I have?

A: In principle, we tailor all of our solutions to fit your needs and challenges. Needless to say, we offer professional advice in all aspects revolving around the founding and establishing of a company. Please make use of the contact form to get in touch with us so we can find out what you are actually in need of together and so we can determine how we may assist you best.

Q: Graphic designers' areas of expertise tend to vary quite strongly. How can it be guaranteed that the graphic designer employed is suitable for my own specific problem?

A: We collaborate with several different graphic designers. Based on your requirements, we will select the most suitable graphic designer to take on your personal challenge.

Q: There are no prices featured on your website regarding (business) consulting. What costs can I expect in case I decide to commission you for consulting services?

A: Particularly in the field of consulting, price indications devoid of prior knowledge of the problem at hand as well as the resulting necessary resources is not at all useful. For this reason, we have decided to refrain from indicating any price ranges. However, please rest assured that our prices will match your challenges and financial capabilities perfectly.

Q: You collaborate with various partners in the field of human resource consulting. Who are they and will it be feasible to establish direct contact with them?

A: We select our cooperation partners in accordance with your requirements. In the course of the project, you will be in direct contact with the cooperation partner.

Q: I am in need of a specific software solution. Is this a field that you cover as well?

A: This is very much dependent on the desired solution. In principle, we do develop various software solutions if requested. Simply inquire and we will discuss the solution process together.

Q: You also indicate that you can undertake online marketing projects. What experience do you exhibit in this field and for what reason do you not have any packages in this area?

A: Online marketing is a very specific field within information technology and business consulting. We have developed and successfully implemented various strategies for a multitude of different clients such as Facebook and Google. However, due to the fact that each and every strategy is individually customized and aligned with your objectives, we are not able to offer any general packages for this area. Thus, should you be in need of online marketing services, please make use of the contact form to get in touch with us and we will develop a solution together immediately.

Q: None of the payment options featured in your webshop appeal to me. Can you offer me any other options?

A: We offer the most common payment options in online retail (i.e. PayPal, SEPA, direct bank transfer). Should you not wish to conduct an online payment via our webshop, we can certainly provide you with an invoice. Subsequently to the receipt of payment, the processing of the order can commence.

Q: In the webshop, whenever selecting the „credit card“ payment option, it says the word „stripe“ in parentheses. What does this mean?

A: Stripe is an international online payment service that conducts the payments in the background. We point to this by means of a comment in parentheses in order to guarantee maximum transparency for our customers.

Q: In the rubric „accounting“, you indicate that your software was developed by DVO. Who or what exactly is DVO?

A: DVO is a company whose full name is „DVO Software Development and Distribution Ltd.“. DVO is a specialist for commercial software products in the fields of accounting, personnel distribution, and tax consultancy.

Q: After having read all of the FAQ, I still have a number of pending questions. How can I get in touch with you?

A: You can get in touch with us by means of the e-mail address indicated on our contact page.

Q: I am a freelancer myself and am seeking an opportunity to obtain additional commissions. Can I join your team, i.e. what do I need to do in order to start working for you as a freelancer?

A: Should you be sufficiently qualified for one of our professional disciplines, please feel free to send us your application to freelancer@smaracis.com along with the pertinent proof of qualification. In the case of a positive initial testing procedure, you will need to conduct a number of different tests that are designed to put you through your paces in terms of your professional competence.

Q: What if, after already having completed the order, I realize that a different website package would have suited my needs better?

A: An upgrade, meaning a switch to a more expensive package, is always possible. As far as downgrading, thus switching to a less expensive package is concerned, it very much depends on how far the rendering of services has advances at that point in time.

Q: Is it possible to commission you with the hosting of the completed website?

A: We collaborate with a high-quality hoster. We will be happy to establish any necessary contacts and to assist you in the process of selecting the necessary hosting package.

Q: Your website features a multitude of terms and conditions. Will I need to read all of them?

A: In principle, all relevant terms should be read carefully before concluding a contract. Our terms and conditions were compiled by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s trade association for business consulting, accounting, and infounding technology. This is to certify and ensure that no unfair or immoral clauses whatsoever are hidden in the terms. In addition, we are a member of the “Pro Ethics” working group and therefore commit ourselves to complying with the according respectful rules regarding the collaboration with our clients.

Q: Some parts of the proposal comprising the commercial and legal conditions do not appeal to me. Is it possible to make any modifications?

A: Of course, in principle, we can address any modifications you request. However, it very much depends on what particular clauses you would like to see modified. Normally, we should be able to find a mutually satisfying middle ground.

Q: In your terms of payment, no cash discount for prompt payment is provided, and there is no opportunity for a discount at all. Why is this the case?

A: We have calculated very lean prices that do not enable us to offer any additional (cash) discounts.

Q: I just finished purchasing a package in your webshop. Do I have the right to withdraw?

A: From a legal standpoint, you have the right to withdraw for a duration of 14 days after having completed an online purchase. After this period of time has ended, the right to withdraw expires.

Q: On your website, all amounts are featured in Euros. Is it also possible to pay in other currencies?

A: This very much depends on the payment option you choose to use. For instance, it is possible to pay in different currencies via PayPal. However, possible exchange charges will need to be covered by you.

Q: Can it be guaranteed that you and your complete services will fulfill the requirements of the new data protection regulation?

A: We are certified data protection experts ourselves and, as such, naturally abide by all pertinent regulations. Our cooperation partners and freelancers are carefully trained in compliance with these requirements.

Q: Where can I find your data privacy statement? And has the statement already been aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation?

A: In order to access our data privacy statement, please visit www.smaracis.com/datenschutz. Needless to say, as a certified data protection officer for the General Data Protection Regulation, we have aligned our statement as well as our offer with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Q: The General Data Protection Regulation will become effective as of May 25th, 2018. I have no idea what this will entail for me and my company? Can you offer me any advice in this regard?

A: As a certified data protection officer for the General Data Protection Regulation, we can certainly offer you advice in this regard and, in addition, implement the requirements at hand together with you.

Q: As far as I can see, you make use of cookies. Can I turn these off?

A: You can switch cookies on and off by means of your browser. However, please keep in mind that cookies will be needed to purchase an item in our shop. Should you want to switch off the Google Analytics cookie, please take a look at our data privacy statement (www.smaracis.com/datenschutz).

Q: Do you pass on sensitive/personal data to others?

A: Whenever we undertake a project for you entailing the inclusion of cooperation partners or freelancers, we pass on the data necessary to process the order to one of our trustworthy sub-contractors such as a data processing company. Proper and secure transfer and administration processes are guaranteed by means of our technical safety precautions and trainings.

Q: Will you be deleting my sensitive data?

A: Upon completion of a project, all sensitive data no longer required for our purposes will be deleted immediately.

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General Data Protection Regulation

As of May 25th, 2018, a new Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective. This regulation has far-reaching implications for all internal and external related process of your company. We are certified experts for the GDPR and support you on mastering these challenges. Contact us.


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