• What is the use of a great business idea, if nobody knows it?

  • What is the use of the best price-performance ratio, if the order process is so complex that every second costumer aborts it.

A professional internet performance is necessary for the success of your company nowadays.
Your website is the business card of your company and the first impression potential customers get about the services you offer. Therefore, your website must optimally suit both your products and your target group. An appropriate webdesign and its technically optimal implementation can set you apart from your competitors.

Let us present you the multiple benefits of a professional webpage. Together, let us help you make your company fit for online marketing. We know what is important – through our experience in the area of web development and web design and through co-operations with various online marketer.

We have compiled three webpage-packages to provide an overview of our services and anticipated costs.

We are confident that one of these packages will fit to your problems. If not, we will prepare a customized offer for you. Let us talk – about Your challenges and Our solutions.

Naturally, we also offer many solutions for other IT-challenges. Just ask us.

We find the solution – so that you can keep your focus on the essentials.

Our website packages

Package Basic
  • Standard webdesign
  • 5 designed sub-sites
  • mobile responsive
  • contact form
  • Impressum consulting
  • Google Maps
  • easy to work on CRM (Wordpress)
  • processing time of 2-4 weeks

999€ excl. VAT

from 1.198€ incl. VAT
*** recommended ***
Package Gold
Package Basic + additional to choose:
  • individual webdesign, 3 adaptations
  • 10 designed sub-sites
  • biweekly written project update
  • set-up of a forum
  • set-up of a online shop
  • integration of Google Analytics
  • Backup & storage for the first 2 months
  • short written documentation
  • total processing time of 1-2 months

from 2.499€ excl. VAT

from 2.998€ incl. VAT
Package Platin
Package Gold + additional to choose
  • individual webdesign, 5 adaptations
  • 20 designed sub-sites
  • assigned project manager
  • Member area
  • Analysis existing technical environment
  • set-up of an Newslettersystem
  • Update CRM & Plugins & backup for 6 months
  • set-up of an multilanguage website
  • 1 hour live coaching
  • total processing time of 3-4 months

from 5.999€ excl. VAT

7.198€ incl. VAT

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– to keep your focus on the essentials.

– to keep your focus on the essentials.